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This page is basic information about myself and my books, for use in print and interviews.

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Author Bio: Amelia enjoys cooking, crocheting, gardening/farming, drawing, reading fantasy novels, cuddling with her cats, and watching movies and anime in her spare time. She grew up in Connecticut, and has lived in Washington state and California, and currently lives in Massachusetts with her family.

Fuzzy Business by Amelia Ritner

In the near future, America is slowly becoming populated with a new minority: men and women who, at their parents’ behest, were genetically altered in the womb to exhibit the appearance of anthropomorphic animals. Miara is a humanimal, a woman just like anyone else, except with feline features and some feline abilities. She accidentally witnesses a murder in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is subsequently kidnapped by the man she sees fleeing the scene. She is then forced to help him find a way to prove his innocence, but he couldn’t possibly be telling the truth… could he? The story includes glimpses of natural animal behavior, an intense gunfight battle on the beach, a crazy mob boss, and multiple references to actual coast side landmarks.

Official Press Release for Fuzzy Business: HERE

Article in the Half Moon Bay Review: Former Coastsider Publishes Fantasy

Cover Artwork by Randi Racine.

Fuzzy Business 2: Fuzz Harder by Amelia Ritner

Feline humanimal, Miara, has recovered from her ordeal with the Mammal Mafia in San Francisco. She is trying to get her life back on track by becoming a private detective, but it is a slow road. In the mean time she has taken a job as a security guard in a popular San Francisco mall while taking in fellow humanimal John, the Coyote man. Her relationship with her human boyfriend, and personal superhero, Connor, is blossoming. Life is looking up for her as a new militant Human Purity group starts making the news, attacking people like her. Will people ever be able to accept them for who they are?

Fuzzy Business 3:End Game by Amelia Ritner

Miara has been through a rough patch in the past few months; kidnapped, assaulted, and then her best friend gunned down mercilessly in her own back yard. But it is time to find the reasoning behind all these horrible happenings; it’s time to find the man behind all the murders and the chaos. She must find the clues and help catch the perpetrator, for the good of all humanimal kind… no matter what the cost.

Fuzzy Business 3: End Game artwork by Solapi

Official News Release for Fuzzy Business 3: End GameHERE


Ugly Farm by Amelia Ritner

Designed by Ryan Borella

Fun, engaging and full of photos of REAL weird vegetables, this children’s book will encourage young readers to pick their own vegetables and fruits and eat things that don’t look like the grocery store’s version of “normal.”

Official Press Release for Ugly Farm: HERE

Ugly Farm in the News:

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