Black Friday, Plaid Saturday, Aquamarine Sunday Deal!

Fuzzy Business, the original that started it all, will be a FREE Kindle download Saturday and Sunday, November 29th and 30th, just for YOU!

Yeah, unfortunately not today… stupid black Friday taking over the market…

Just click on the link to the left and download it for free!

Writing again!

I’ve gone over my plot lines and reviewed what I wrote last spring, and have finally picked up the keyboard again! The third installment of the Fuzzy Business Trilogy is again underway.  I’m going to sneak in some of my farming experience, and a big change will be happening with Miara’s love life as well.

Do you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see in Book Three?

A Beginning and an End

I finished my season working on an organic vegetable farm a few weeks ago.  Lots of stressful moving and unpacking, personal drama, and two new jobs later, and I finally think I’ve settled in to my new apartment.  So now I just need to get myself on a writing schedule and look over my poor, neglected Fuzzy Business 3 outline.  Anybody have some motivational speeches to get me cracking again?