Still Writing

Not sure who, if anyone, actually still reads this blog, but I’m going to go for it anyhow.

It’s been seven years since the events that took place which made me decide to leave my husband for another man. Yes, that happened.

While I regret the pain my actions caused, I don’t regret for one moment the outcome. I’ve never been happier in my life.

So, I’m writing about it.

Yes, I am still slowly plugging away at my other fantasy novel (been five years now) but the words don’t flow quite as easily and I struggle with plot holes occasionally.

This story, obviously a romance, has been flying out of my fingers as if they were on fire. I am at the stage where I’m just trying to get it all written down. I will refine it after that, then look for beta readers in search of secondary and tertiary editing ideas.

Do you ever read romance? I’ve changed the names, of course, but I am writing things the way they happened from my perspective, leaving as little out as I dare. It will be raw, it will be graphic, it will be emotional.

But it will also be me.

Are you interested?

Quick Update

I AM back to writing my novel, finally! Have to remember where I left off after such a long hiatus.

If you would like to help me out, please respond below! I could use some ideas. A few questions:

  1. If you could speak to any plant, like speaking with a person, which plant would it be?
  2. If a plant wanted to kill you, how would it do so? Without you eating it, I mean. Fantasy-type ideas welcome!
  3. It’s a long shot, but could you say plastic is a natural product of the earth? I mean, it comes from petroleum… which comes out of the earth…

Thanks, guys!


A little Excerpt

Just so you guys know I am still a writer and am not just a rogue farmer, I am going to give you a little snippet from the chapter I was working on today in my new book.

The massive limbs were covered in thick, lichen-encrusted bark that had not seen more than slight movement in hundreds of years.  The pressure of lifting them was like trying to pull oneself up from the bottom of the ocean.  The roots and giant double trunk was dug in so snugly that it wore the surrounding earth like an old garment rather than treating it like a vessel to sleep in.


More will come if I can keep making time to write!

Well then…

I have suddenly had an influx of followers on this blog. Are you all fans of my work? Right on!

I have seriously not had the time to sit down and write any of my new novel in over a month. I hate that, but paying the bills with reliable regular work is at the top of my list right now.

I am, however, still open to reviewing your book if you would like an honest review!

Love you all… going to restock my stash at Tunk City later this weekend… 

I Got Married

Hey, guys! I know I haven’t updated much lately, but I wanted to share that I just got married on Saturday! The wedding was short and lovely, in a beautiful state park with a great reception afterwards.  We wore Regency-era garb for our wedding clothes, because we’re nerds and love it.  This is me and my new husband, Nikoli, on our wedding day.

Amelia Wedding

Anyhoo, I’ll be getting back into the swing of things now that work is slowing down and I have more time to write.  I’ll still be keeping Amelia Ritner as my pen name (it’s just easier, guys) so you can still find me.

I’ll also be doing a guest appearance at Annie’s Book Stop in Worcester, MA on July 8th.  Hope to see you there, or at least in my pages!

How Do I Get Over The Hump?

Guys. GUYS. I got ducks!

We bought a house in my home town and moved at the end of March. Lots of stuff went down, including me getting covered in poison ivy TWICE, so badly that I had to go on steroids to treat it.  This yard hates me, but I’m going to own it.  And by “own” I mean KICK ITS ASS.

Anyway, no I haven’t written a damned thing since I moved, but I intend to hop back on the horse as soon as the crazy Mother’s Day weekend is over.  Until then, please check out my books at Tunk City Revival in downtown Danielson!  I rode the bus and went to school with the shop owner.

Anyway, here’s a photo of my ducks.  AWWWWWWWW ❤

Spring Updates

Just thought I should let you all know that yes, I have still been writing (at least in my sci-fi novel), however sparsely may be the sessions.  But also: we bought a house! My fiancee and I are closing on our new house this week and are hopefully moving in next weekend.  Plus I start a new gardening job in two weeks.  So life will be VERY full soon.

I promise I will still write, but soon I will be living in Connecticut, in my old home town.  Know of any good writer fairs in CT?

Anyhow, Happy Spring! I hope your life is going as well as mine.

Burn, Do Not Read! Book Review

See? I told you I review other people’s books!

This one in particular was handed to me in person back in August. I must apologize to the author, Kevin Flanders, for taking so long to get to it; The Count of Monte Cristo takes FOREVER to read when you’ve got a job and kids as well.


Now, to the book: Burn, Do Not Read! By Kevin Flanders.  I have to start off by saying that I didn’t necessarily hold any hopes for this novel, as it was self-published, and as you may know, such books are a hit or miss.  As I began reading, I was afraid it might be a miss; the font changed back and forth between two or three different types, the speaker changed what tense he was speaking in, and the format of the paragraphs was broken at very odd places, breaking up the flow of reading.  I WAS given a “Sample Copy,” however, so I will give the author the benefit of the doubt.  The tense issues mostly ceased by the second or third chapter, and the flow got much better. Basically, all I am saying here is that the book, as I was given it, could use the touch of an experienced editor.

As to the MEAT of the story itself, I will tell you that while I don’t generally go for the suspense/thriller genre, this book definitely qualifies as such. I was engrossed.  The story follows the heartbreaking case of Jack Gibson, a grandfather and recovered alcoholic, who dives dangerously close back into alcoholism when he accidentally hits and kills a 6-year-old boy with his truck one day.  The incident serves to haunt Jack throughout the rest of the book, despite the best efforts of his loving wife Mary, who in turn dies herself a year later.  The combined tragedy drives Jack to decide to leave his life behind and move into a house (which he buys online, sight-unseen but for internet photos), clear across the country, much to the consternation of his family members.

The house is desolate, lonely, creepy, and (I don’t care what anyone else says) totally freaking haunted.  Once Jack has moved, his life seems to jump from livable and almost carefree to a nightmare in his own home, due to the strange sounds and loss of lights… not to mention the constantly-howling coyotes and the scary stories he’s heard about the previous occupants of his little house in the woods. I don’t want to give away the story in its entirety, but I will say that I read on the edge of my seat quite often, and found myself wondering what would happen next, even while out taking a walk on my own.  I was eager to read more, and the plight of Jack being torn between the enticing “sanity” that could be brought back to him by alcohol or the fight with whatever demonic figure was possessing his house was one I could not wait to finish.

Alas, the book does end.  I was on the edge of my seat up until the second-to-last chapter, when the nail-biting terror suddenly stops.  I have to say that the ending was terribly anticlimactic.  So much build-up… it was frustrating to read.  I felt like the story had no tangible resolution, and we are left to wonder what actually happened in the creepy house in the dark woods.

Still, the rest of the book is totally worth the read.  And if you are of a religious tendency, perhaps you can make your own meaning from the end of the story.  I, personally, am going to let my imagination run wild and start drawing monsters in my sketchbook.



I have been busy, busy, busy!  The holiday season is here, and I do hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Work has been crazy, making wreaths, porch pots, baskets, and all sorts of Christmas evergreen decorations every day til I come home covered in pine sap.

I have been working on my apocalyptic future fantasy book, more sporadically than I ought to be, but I am still writing.  I still haven’t had many reviews or heard a lot of feedback about Fuzzy Business 3, so I thought as a Christmas gift to you (for Small Business Saturday) I would run a FREE PROMOTION!

Saturday, November 26th through Monday, November 28th, ALL THREE of my Fuzzy Business books will be a FREE Kindle download!  You can find links to all three books to the left of this page (if you are on a computer), or by scrolling to the bottom on your phone screen.

As always, PLEASE write a review if you read one of my books!  It really helps a lot, and also lets me know if you want me to write more!  Thank you, and enjoy!