Around Town Interview

I did an interview on Dalton Public Access Community Television, which has a reach throughout most of the Berkshires (Western Mass) about Fuzzy Business.  It went very well, and I hope I didn’t ramble much.  I’m not sure when the finished video will air, but I will upload it to the web as soon as I receive a copy from the studio.

When we were pressed for time, the interviewer asked me about some of my favorite authors.  I named Terry Goodkind, Jim Butcher, and Janet Evanovich… but I just had a terrible realization.  I completely forgot to mention one of my favorite authors of all time, a man whom I have actually met, whose books make me laugh and inspire me to write more: Larry Correia.

I am fixing this egregious error now.  Name a favorite author?  Larry Motherfucking Correia!  If you’ve never heard of him, go buy Monster Hunter International and prepare to be blown away! He has many other books out as well, not just the excellent novels of the Monster Hunter series.  He spins an extremely entertaining, action-packed tale and knows his monsters and his weapons well.  I hope he can forgive me for my terrible, terrible brain fart.

Look at me, all purtied up for the camera 🙂  Necklace is from my girlfriend Erica over at Madrigan Designs


2 thoughts on “Around Town Interview

  1. One of my most recent editing jobs was a story that took place in the Berkshires. Mostly. (Actually, in initial drafts, the location was never named. Once I got hold of it, I recommended the Berkshires.)

    Larry MF Correia is awesome.

    Also, very nice necklace. Madrigan looks good.

    • Amelia says:

      Thanks! Yeah my novel here is set in the San Francisco area, where I used to live. I just live in the Berkshires now and am doing most of my promoting here.

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