Mini-Cons are mini

Your Mini-Con proved to be a pretty good networking experience, even if I didn’t sell very many books.  Hopefully I will see a few more sales soon once people get a bit more money in their pockets.

I did see quite a few awesome costumes, and wanted to share a few here for you to enjoy:

Happy New Year! Wine and Books!

Happy New Year! Well, almost… I thought I probably ought to type this post before the wine kicked in…

May you and yours have many more months of reading great books and petting adorable furry things.


From my mind to yours!

Also, a cute photo of a very handsome man (who happens to be the inspiration for John, I might add) reading FB3 with a cat on his lap.   This is the kind of eye candy that BURNS calories! 😉


Happy Holidays!

To you and your kin!


I personally celebrate both Yule (for myself) and Christmas (for my family,) but I enjoy all the pomp and circumstance of all the winter holidays.  Now that the Solstice has passed and the days slowly grow longer, I have time to work on my new fantasy novel.

I’ll give you a hint: “Nature’s Revenge” is my working title.

Have a great day, and enjoy your family! Or if you’re alone, read a few books!

New Ideas for a New Fantasy

Thinking about picking up my old fantasy novel that was working so hard on about two years ago… But I am not very fond of my villain.  I have lots of great ideas for creatures, and battles, and certain interactions between characters… but my villain idea is lame, and it should feel lame.

So… are Pukwudgies scary? If not, would you prefer to see a humanoid villain or a mindless-creature-type villain?  Humanoids are difficult to write evilly, but easy to imagine physically.  I could create an intelligent creature villain, but then why would it be evil?

Ideas or suggestions are welcome! Throw anything you’ve got at me!

Get Fuzzy Business 3 FOR FREE!

Fuzzy Business 3: End Game will be a FREE Kindle download from Wednesday, November 25th through Saturday, November 28th! If you just got book one during the free promotion, now is the time to buy book two and finish off the series!

Yes, believe me, you DO want to buy Fuzzy Business 2: Fuzz Harder… or you will be out of the loop when you start book 3!

Let your friends know! And once you read it, let ME know what you think! Here is my first paperback copy with my ridiculously fat cat, Mister: