What have I been doing?

Look! Grapes!


I’m in charge of the edibles department at the nursery I work at.  I’m the fruits and vegetables lady.  Working with my passion!  Apple blossoms:


I know it’s not cat-related, but I thought you might enjoy a bit.  Happy Spring!

Random Updates

Well, nobody won the poster.  Why? Because NOBODY commented on the entry that would have automatically entered them to win!  Where are my fans at? Guess I just have to hold on to these posters myself for awhile.

In other news, Imperfect Produce, a food delivery company out in California, is now carrying copies of Ugly Farm to sell to their customers.  How cool is that?!  Hopefully the book is getting the message out.  This is an ugly peach, by the way:


Do you read Ugly Farm to your kids at night?