Spring Updates

Just thought I should let you all know that yes, I have still been writing (at least in my sci-fi novel), however sparsely may be the sessions.  But also: we bought a house! My fiancee and I are closing on our new house this week and are hopefully moving in next weekend.  Plus I start a new gardening job in two weeks.  So life will be VERY full soon.

I promise I will still write, but soon I will be living in Connecticut, in my old home town.  Know of any good writer fairs in CT?

Anyhow, Happy Spring! I hope your life is going as well as mine.

What have I been doing?

Look! Grapes!


I’m in charge of the edibles department at the nursery I work at.  I’m the fruits and vegetables lady.  Working with my passion!  Apple blossoms:


I know it’s not cat-related, but I thought you might enjoy a bit.  Happy Spring!