Still Writing

Not sure who, if anyone, actually still reads this blog, but I’m going to go for it anyhow.

It’s been seven years since the events that took place which made me decide to leave my husband for another man. Yes, that happened.

While I regret the pain my actions caused, I don’t regret for one moment the outcome. I’ve never been happier in my life.

So, I’m writing about it.

Yes, I am still slowly plugging away at my other fantasy novel (been five years now) but the words don’t flow quite as easily and I struggle with plot holes occasionally.

This story, obviously a romance, has been flying out of my fingers as if they were on fire. I am at the stage where I’m just trying to get it all written down. I will refine it after that, then look for beta readers in search of secondary and tertiary editing ideas.

Do you ever read romance? I’ve changed the names, of course, but I am writing things the way they happened from my perspective, leaving as little out as I dare. It will be raw, it will be graphic, it will be emotional.

But it will also be me.

Are you interested?