Still Writing

Not sure who, if anyone, actually still reads this blog, but I’m going to go for it anyhow.

It’s been seven years since the events that took place which made me decide to leave my husband for another man. Yes, that happened.

While I regret the pain my actions caused, I don’t regret for one moment the outcome. I’ve never been happier in my life.

So, I’m writing about it.

Yes, I am still slowly plugging away at my other fantasy novel (been five years now) but the words don’t flow quite as easily and I struggle with plot holes occasionally.

This story, obviously a romance, has been flying out of my fingers as if they were on fire. I am at the stage where I’m just trying to get it all written down. I will refine it after that, then look for beta readers in search of secondary and tertiary editing ideas.

Do you ever read romance? I’ve changed the names, of course, but I am writing things the way they happened from my perspective, leaving as little out as I dare. It will be raw, it will be graphic, it will be emotional.

But it will also be me.

Are you interested?

Well then…

I have suddenly had an influx of followers on this blog. Are you all fans of my work? Right on!

I have seriously not had the time to sit down and write any of my new novel in over a month. I hate that, but paying the bills with reliable regular work is at the top of my list right now.

I am, however, still open to reviewing your book if you would like an honest review!

Love you all… going to restock my stash at Tunk City later this weekend… 

How Do I Get Over The Hump?

Guys. GUYS. I got ducks!

We bought a house in my home town and moved at the end of March. Lots of stuff went down, including me getting covered in poison ivy TWICE, so badly that I had to go on steroids to treat it.  This yard hates me, but I’m going to own it.  And by “own” I mean KICK ITS ASS.

Anyway, no I haven’t written a damned thing since I moved, but I intend to hop back on the horse as soon as the crazy Mother’s Day weekend is over.  Until then, please check out my books at Tunk City Revival in downtown Danielson!  I rode the bus and went to school with the shop owner.

Anyway, here’s a photo of my ducks.  AWWWWWWWW ❤

Spring Updates

Just thought I should let you all know that yes, I have still been writing (at least in my sci-fi novel), however sparsely may be the sessions.  But also: we bought a house! My fiancee and I are closing on our new house this week and are hopefully moving in next weekend.  Plus I start a new gardening job in two weeks.  So life will be VERY full soon.

I promise I will still write, but soon I will be living in Connecticut, in my old home town.  Know of any good writer fairs in CT?

Anyhow, Happy Spring! I hope your life is going as well as mine.

Looking for more Fuzzy Business?

I’m spending a year on hiatus from Fuzzy Business, working on my fantasy story project and (of course) working my butt off at gardening jobs.

If you enjoy my Fuzzy Business series, can you please write an Amazon review? Unless you write a review or contact me personally, I really have no idea whether any of you would like me to write more in that series.  And I hate to say it’s a waste of time, but if nobody wants to see more of the humanimal world, I won’t bother writing it.

So, help a writer out! Let me know what you think of ANY of the Fuzzy Business books!  I’d love to see some FB fan art as well, if you draw any.  Here is a picture (original concept art) I drew of Connor:


Thanks, Guys!

Finally have gotten some feedback on Fuzzy Business 2 from a few folks.  Apparently, the second book is better than the first!  The wheels in my head are turning for book three, and I will be writing the outline this weekend while I still plug away at my fantasy novel.

Now, can you write an Amazon book review for me?  pretty please?  With cherries and lasagna on top?

Editing suuuuucks

Especially when you have to try to fit several pages’ worth of new material into the stuff you already have written.  I can tweak things here and there to make them funnier, but adding whole new scenes to places in the middle of the book is a major pain in the ass.

And that’s my gripe for the day.  Anybody else want to rant?